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Landscaping / Fencing Services We Provide in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Would you like your yard to include flowers and more than just grass? We can landscape your yard using a variety of plants, stones, fencing and garden decorations for a beautiful garden getaway.

We can follow your plans or design something for you. We can walk through your yard with you to develop a design, select plants, rocks, birdbaths, park benches, patio materials and more. Plan a stone path, a small pond, a rock garden, a sandbox and swingset for the kids, a fenced yard for your pets, or anything you wish to transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor haven.

Contact us for a consultation. Once you describe what you need, we can provide a free estimate of the cost and the time it takes to complete the project. Call Hire a Husband professional handyman service to landscape or other home and yard improvements.

We have professionally landscaped for many satisfied customers in the Lehigh Valley. See examples of fencing.